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Another major commercial lease is being signed in Charlotte by an outdoor marquee tenant, as reported by multiple sources. FedEx has signed a multi-year lease to fully occupy Metrolina Park Building Six, a six-story, 41-million square-foot indoor multi-purpose building that is under construction. According to the Charlotte Business Journal, the lease is for five years with the option for an additional five years for an additional $5 million, based upon the success of the renovation.

The Charlotte Business Journal called the property “a huge potential deal” for FedEx. This is a fantastic outcome for the future of downtown Charlotte. The Charlotte Business Journal stated, “It’s hard to put a figure on how much additional traffic the new venue will bring to the area.” The added rental income to the city’s coffers is sure to be enjoyed by the businesses that are forced to park farther away from the main thoroughfare.

The old airport terminal was destroyed in the recent hurricanes. But the new venue is almost certainly going to attract more than just travelers. Some of the attractions inside the arena could also benefit the tourism industry if they were to expand into Charlotte’s tourism district. There is a very strong possibility that the “shoe-stringed goers” that were once traveling from points west will start booking hotels downtown again. They may even consider adding a new facility or two to their list of best places to eat.

This arena will most likely be considered a moneymaker for the city even though it is shared with two other major businesses. However, this arena and its location have certainly made the Chamberlin administration happy. More hotels, more visitors, and hopefully more business for Chamberlin & co. This would be a nice change for a business owner to make. This business review on the Charlotte Business Journal lists hotels that can be found in the North Charleston corridor.

Two hotels are featured in the Charlotte Business Journal’s list of best places to eat. One is the La Quinta Inn at East Boulevard and the other is the Westin Hotel at Main Street. Both of these hotels are within walking distance of the downtown area. If you decide to use the nearby airport for your transportation needs, you will be just minutes away from an assortment of dining areas and business establishments. You can choose to stay at any one of these hotels as long as it is convenient for you.

Events such as the Bluegrass Festival keep the residents in the area tuned up. Even during the off-season, people watch Outdoor World of Sports. The Charlotte Business Journal’s review of the downtown area reveals all of the potential attractions that will entice travelers and residents over the year. During the summer, residents can take a trip to uptown. During the winter, they can head to the Charlotte Art Museum. During the spring and fall, they can tour historic Heritage Square.

In addition to everything that the city has to offer, it offers an excellent location for visitors. Many tourists and visitors head to the area each year. It is home to three major malls including the Mall of Charlotte, the Mandarin/Uptown Mall, and the Piedmont Park Center Mall. In addition to having these shopping attractions, the area is also popular for music festivals, sports events, and other cultural activities. The Charlotte Business Journal’s review of the downtown area explains why tourists and residents gravitate towards the area.

With so many things to do and see, it is no wonder that Charlotte attracts a large number of visitors and residents every single year. Charlotte has embraced the culture of other world cities while maintaining its sense of character. Whether you are looking for a luxurious hotel or a more affordable budget hotel, the Charlotte Business Journal has it all. This resource is your one-stop guide to Charlotte’s best places to stay. No matter what your budget, taste, or lifestyle, this magazine can provide you with all of the information you need.

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