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How can I be successful in advertising?

by Sourav

There are many factors to consider when designing an advertising plan. Like the type of message to be delivered, how it should be addressed to the audience, how it should be addressed, the budget, etc., it all depends on the nature of the ad. Try to think from the customer’s point of view regarding the type of message to be delivered. What amazes and captures your mind. Write down what the customer expects from the company and the advantages it has in dealing with the company. The viewer or listener should try to keep the ad interested until the end. This procedure is called message selection. After creating an outline of the image, select the lines that will appeal to the customer. The message should not be long enough to annoy the customer. Some advertisers fall under the illusion that the more written the message, the better. In general, they fear not losing any information. Doing nothing with this reduces the effectiveness of ad productivity and the customer is not satisfied.

For example, the ad title should not only be “We Sell Clothes”, it is very accurate. The will of the people must be studied and the title must be designed in such a way that the client feels that she meets their needs. Seasonal changes must also be taken into account. If the season is summer and there are many beaches around the area, the title of the ad is “Summer Clothes for Sale” or “Reduce the Heat – Buy Swimwear.” The body of the ad should talk about the need to change to summer clothes like cotton clothes. Since cotton cannot be used as a swimsuit, it must be discussed from a health point of view, as it causes contamination. Therefore, the swimsuit is made of synthetic materials. Also include lines on swimsuits for overweight people.

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Ads are traffic creators or relationship creators or reputable creators. Assuming the budget is low, the goal should be a relationship builder. Once customers are established, they begin to trust the company and will not switch to other companies. According to research, retaining existing customers requires ten percent less resources than attracting new customers. If the focus is on brand recognition, advertising should drive traffic.

What is the most successful form of advertising?

The next thing is if the advertiser wants fast results or lasting results. If you expect a quick result, a time limit must be charged. As with seasonal sales, the customer takes advantage quickly before demand ends. Therefore, immediate results are expected in this case. But the downside of limited-time advertising is that the consumer is forced to forget about the product or the company in a short period of time and does not have a profound effect on the consumer’s mind. Competing against the advertising of a rival company also contributes to a successful advertising plan. The power of the message must be equal to the power of the competitors. This does not mean that the advertiser must use the same plan as their competitor, it will imitate and reduce the productivity of effectiveness. But to overcome competitive advertising, advertising must be designed in a different and effective way.

The description of a product is also very important. Suppose an advertisement is made for a restaurant, if it is attractive, it attracts customers immediately. If an ad is for a computer, it won’t give instant results, because someone buys a computer every day. This is called the purchase cycle analysis.

If you are looking for more impact, the newspaper is the best bet. But if newsletters are sent to actual leads, this approach to message delivery should be followed. It should be chosen only after in-depth analysis, whatever the budget. Another important point is to always hire a professional advertiser or ad writer. Because not hiring someone is sometimes more expensive and there will be more losses.

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