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How to Create Engaging Custom Soap Box Packaging for Millennials?

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According to the latest research, millennials seem to have more buying power than any of the other generations. Currently, Gen Y accounts for nearly 25 percent of the US population and they have an annual buying power of $1.3 trillion. Not bad, right?

Considering the sheer purchasing power and the ‘connectedness’ of these compeers, one can’t simply overlook the millennial market because it has become a staple in most brands’ marketing strategies. For this reason, brands do not create a marketing strategy that doesn’t entail millennials. However, it’s not that simple to attract Gen Y,since a lot of companies don’t know how to target the fickle audience.

An interesting difference between previous generations and millennials is the significant power shift. Back in the days, brands used to be more powerful than the audience. However, the rise of the commercial internet and cutthroat competitionhad put brands on the back foot and made customers the new market-makers.

Today, the global market is at the touch of their fingertips. Above all, they cognize which brands aren’t living up to customers’ expectations and which products are inferior. Thanks to social media, millennials are always in the know of things. Plus, they don’t hesitate to share their point of view—whether or not they liked a product.

This means you must create custom soap box packaging that targets the core behavior and beliefs of millennials. But before you design one, understand what these core beliefs are.

Traditional Marketing Messages areInsignificant to Millennials

Gone are the days when catchy slogans like“cleaner, whiter, and bigger” used to attract customers. As per stores.org, about77 percent of millennials aren’t interested in buying products that their parents used to buy. Why? They didn’t have the same exposure and experience. In addition, they love consuming online content than traditional television. They consume media in a totally different way. Gen Y heavily relies on review websites like BuzzFeed, Yelp and more when purchasing a product.

By the same token, traditional marketing messages are irrelevant to millennials. They faced stiff economic conditions and are burdened with hefty student loans. In fact, they spent more time at home than they actually wanted to. Thus, Gen Y is more intrigued by lower prices, transparency, and authenticity as compared to traditional marketing messages.

How to Package your Soaps for Millennials?

Ready to capture the millennial market? The packaging is an easy way to grasp their attention and promote your soaps. To gain their trust, it’s essential that your custom soap packagingshould reflect transparency, authenticity, health, and sustainability. Most of all, you should spend your time and money to carve a packaging that is distinguishable from the rival brands or products. Here’s how you can create appealing custom soap boxes to engage millennials:

  • Millennials Love Minimalist Design:Millennials favor minimalism. However, this doesn’t mean you should stick with the black and white color scheme. Instead, use clean layouts and make the most of symmetry and white space. Beyond this, contrasting or bright hues, unconventional typography, texture, and shadow are also well received.
  • Gen Y Crave Instant Gratification:When it comes to gathering information and making a purchase, Gen Y is spoiled for ease, speed, and efficiency. For this reason, savvy brands go to great lengths to ensure their audience can easily spot and digest the product’s USP. And this can only be achieved when you have anunclutteredcustom soap box A complex design would make it difficult to consume the desired information and preclude the, from reaching a decision.
  • Millennials have a Thing for Retro Designs: People born between 1981 and 1996 are nostalgic. They are fond of retro styles, hand-drawn images, and print inspired designs. This requires you to hire an expert team of packagers like The Legacy Printing that can deliver designs based on traditional printing and production methods.

We hope the above-mentioned tips will help create attention-grabbing packaging, so you could attract Gen Y and boost your sales.

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