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Interesting And Important Facts About London

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London is one of the most amazing and most visited cities in the world. There is no wonder why millions of foreigners and enthusiastic tourists travel to this beautiful city every year. You can find uncountable Flights to London from every corner of the world. The history of London is very long and it is more like a fairytale. There are numerous architectural master pieces and the culture of the city is so rich and diverse and unbelievably beautiful. There is the whole bundle of things you just don’t know about this city. Just bear with us and scroll down for us to read some most interesting facts that you might not have heard about London.

Here Is The List Of Interesting And Important Facts Of London:

Smallest City:

I bet you didn’t know that London is the smallest city in England. Yes, you just heard that it indeed is the smallest city in entire England. Still millions of people fly to this small city because of all it has to offer. Because of the abundance of travellers, you can easily find Cheap Flights To London anytime.The original core-city only covers 1.2 square miles and it only has a population of 7500 residents. On the other hand, the greater London, in a very big English region and it encompasses the outskirts and surrounding towns which cover 606 square miles and the population exceeds 8.7 million people.

Most Billionaires of World:

It is yet another one of the most astonishing facts about the city. More than 80 billionaires of the world to live in London. Moreover, these rich people cumulatively represent approximately 80 percent of the billionaires which live in the entire United Kingdom. In this ranking, London surpasses big and famous cities like New York, Parise, Moscow and San Francisco.


You will be amazed to know that in London more than 300 different languages are spoken. This fact represents the cultural diversity of the city and it proves that London is one of the most diverse cities on the face of the earth. Top of the list languages are Punjabi, Bengali, Gujrati, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, French and indeed English.

The Millennium Dome:

This is the biggest structure of its kind in the world. The Millennium Dome is so gigantic that it can have the Great pyramids of Giza inside is so easily under its roof. In its own way, it really is a wonder and tourists from many places around the world go to London to visit this beautiful art of architecture.
You can be one of those because cheap flights are just one step away from you. Be a part of those visitors to absorb the beauty of this master piece. The structure of the Millennium Dome is 365 meters in diameters range and it has 52 meters height, right at the middle. There are 12 supporting poles in it which symbolize days, weeks and months of the year.


If you are a history lover and want to have more knowledge about ancient civilizations and nations then London is the best place for you. London alone has round about 170 museums in it. Isn’t that big number! It of course is. These museums and their amount add to the cultural and historical beauty of the city. Massive British Museums is one of the most populars and most visited places in London.

Capital City:

It is the only city in the world which was the capital city of 6 different countries at the very same time during world war 2. At the time of world war II, this city was the only city which was safe for Europeans. So, the countries Poland, France, Norway, Belgium, and Holland made London as their capital city. Because the government of these countries were already displaced.


If you visit any place you must know a little about their culture and most importantly the currency. Make sure before going to London you carry some pounds because you’re going to need them. Of course, you can use your credit and debit cards, and the other form of electronic payments as well. But it is always necessary and good to have some cash with you in handy. If you are on a flight to London and when you reach your destination, you can take a cab to reach your hotel. For such places to pay the driver, you must have some physical currency with you so that you do not face any unforeseen trouble.


 The biggest Asian festival that occurs outside Asia happens every year in London. The Chinese New Year Festival and it is the event that you do not want to miss. It is culturally rich and full of colors which occurs between late January and early mid-February depending on the current year. Winter Wonderland Hyde Park is one of a kind and unique festival. It is taken over by the Christmas extravaganza every year. It has the largest mobile roller coaster on the entire planet. It also has a circus festival, Santa’s grotto and shows of many kinds.


There is a bundle of more amazing facts about London which cannot be covered by words. You have to see them for yourself. At this hour of the year, you can find very cheap flights to London. you must visit this city because it has to offer everything.

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