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Process Sequence of Garments Export Process

by Sourav
Apparel Merchandising & Management | Part III


Contact the buyer

Order collection

Sample development

Sample approval


Confirmation of order


Fabric & accessories booking

Master L/C

Back-to-back L/C

Preparing T&A calendar

Fabric & trims in House

Pre-production meeting

Pattern and marker making for bulk production


Numbering, bundling & sorting

Production line set-up



Pre-final inspection

Final inspection

Ready for shipment

All the above processes have been discussed below :

01 Contact with the buyer

It is the first process of a garment export order. At first, the garments merchandiser has to contact with the buyer to order the collection.

02 Order collection

Here garments merchandiser receives garments orders from the buyer. Each order contains a garment specification sheet for different items or products.

03 Sample development

After receiving an export order, the garments merchandiser has to develop the required products by following the garments specification sheet.

04 Sample approval

After developing a product sample, the garments merchandiser sends it to the buyer for approval.

05 Costing

If the product sample is approved then the garments merchandiser will make the final costing for the product by discussing it with the buyer.

06 Confirmation of order

Finally, the garments merchandiser confirms the order here.

07 Consumption

After confirmation of a garment export order, the garments merchandiser has to prepare consumption of required fabrics, trimmings, and accessories.

08 Fabric & accessories booking

Here, fabrics and accessories booking has been done in-house for the required items for the export order.

09 Master L/C

Meanwhile, master L/C is opened from the buyer side and submitted to the garments merchandiser.

10 Back to back L/C

For importing raw materials for the export order, here manufacturer has to open back-to-back L/C.

11 Preparing T&A calendar

In the meantime, the garments merchandiser has o prepare a time and action plan here for the garments production.

12 Fabric & trims in house

All the required fabrics, trimmings, and accessories are in-house here according to the booking chart.

13 Pre-production meeting

It’s an important factor in garment production. The production team should complete this meeting before starting production.

14 Pattern and marker making for bulk production

Here, the pattern and marker should prepare according to the approved sample.

15 Cutting

Fabric cutting is done here according to the approved
pattern and marker.

16 Numbering, bundling & sorting

Here all the cutting fabrics have to do numbering sorting and bundling to avoid shade variation in the garments.

17 Production line set-up

Here, the production team sets a perfect production line for
completing smooth garments production.

18 Sewing

All the cutting fabrics are sewn here according to the approved sample.

19 Finishing

All the required finishing procedures are done here by
following the buyer’s instructions.

20 Pre-final inspection

Here, a pre-final inspection has been done to ensure the right quality for the export order. Normally it is done by the factory inspection team.

21 Final inspection

The final inspection of an order has been done here by the buyer’s inspection team. Where the inspection team is confirmed by the buyer.

22 Ready for shipment

Finally, garments are sent to the buyer by using sea freight or air freight.

Methods of Payment:



•Letter of Credit

•Open Account

Letter of Credit :

A letter issued by a bank to another bank (especially one in a different country) serves as a guarantee for payments made to a specified person under specified conditions.

T/T  (Telegraphic Transfer) :

TT (Telegraphic Transfer) is the method of payment by electronic transfer of funds from one bank account to another


Merchandising is undoubtedly the most important section of the garments industry. Merchandisers coordinates between all the sections. So a good garments merchandiser should have concepts about every section of the textile.

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