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What are the importance of management?

by Sourav

When the outside world doesn’t always give us what we want or need, our core values ​​give us personal attention, strength, endurance, and meaning. One of the challenges in maintaining our core values ​​is understanding the importance. The importance of management is directly proportional to the emotional energy we give it.

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When you feel balanced and confident, when you better fit in with your core values, you naturally respond in a more balanced and appropriate way. But when you are active in a mental or emotional deficit, your actions and reactions to people and events can easily be magnified, distorted, and deceived. This makes you run events over and over, guess your decisions, and cause more emotional confusion. This is emotionally draining and not roy roy. All because of the additional importance it has given it, not depending on the reality of the event or situation. The problem at hand can be really important, but stop and honestly ask yourself, is it worth the investment in emotional energy? From a balanced and honest point of view, we can more easily choose how much energy we have available for each daily event.

What is the importance of management principles?

  1. If you invest too much in something or do a big business, you will spend a lot of your valuable energy and be prey to your own emotions. It works well in the long run, it can manage stress effectively, and it is often even more important, and the efficiency of giving importance to something, a person, or an event is not accidental. They don’t make everything important. We can all learn to gain importance from the things we don’t need, thus saving our emotional energy for what we really need. Gaining prominence of conditions is a key force in building sustainable energy reserves.
  2. There is a fine line between an irresponsible attitude or simply eliminating things instead of intellectually limiting the importance of strategic events in life. This type of discrimination is the intelligent intellect of Kriya; To know how much of your emotional energy should be given or not.

As you go, especially when you feel like your strengths have been exhausted or are being challenged, take time to apply emotional intelligence tools and ask your heart to get a balanced look. When you can hold the least unnecessary importance, you have the energy reserves to adapt, be flexible, and innovate without drying out.

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