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What is a good performance metric?

by Sourav

A study has revealed that many good performance project managers do not adequately determine the performance metrics of their teams. The repercussions are over-the-counter costs, overtime, failure to meet quality expectations, and the possibility of new jobs elsewhere. Think about it, what do you really manage if you don’t even know the parameters? Is administration simply a trial process to list for you? It should not be like that. Here is the reason.

Data is very important for management to make decisions. Data displays help define your benchmarks and foreseeable improvement forecasts based on the company’s continued expansion and growth. General quality management, improvement teams, standards and measurement departments, process management, quality circles, Sigma Six, etc., are not just people’s words. Choose a system to measure and quantify your data and measure the life line of your project faster than your overall goals. Find out where your obstacles are, where your costs are exceeding, and quickly identify why your widget sales are falling before it becomes an irreversible cash outflow problem. This allows you to act on issues such as hiring an operations consultant to integrate processes or decide to fire employees in certain areas that are not critical.

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The parameters must be constantly monitored and measured. Tables, tables and summaries should be reviewed periodically, either weekly, monthly or quarterly. From there, you can move your business or department to a profitable plateau. Failure to follow this basic analysis of performance metrics can lead to the waste of valuable time, money, employee morale and the proverbial toilet if left unchecked in your project or management role. The general rule of thumb is that it’s best not to have a working method to measure performance metrics. If you are in a dynamic environment and already have 2 or 3 projects on the air, feel free to systematically enter these factors depending on your line of industry.

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